Morning rage

A couple of days ago, my friends and I were on a bus going destined for the city center, this was around 8 am in the morning, we had planned earlier to go visit this historic site close to the city I live in, hence we were particularly excited and chatty. Sitted in the front corner of the bus, we talked nonstop about the things we’d love to see at our destination when a much older man sitted in front of us turned to us with disgust and made a sign with his hands suggesting we shut up. Being the peoples pleaser, i wasn’t bothered at all, I apologized but my friend (let me call him C) was really pissed, he immediately stopped me from apologizing and demanded that the man minded his own business and not blame us for the reason he woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Of course, angry man reacted more angrily but later on shrugged it off since he assumed that we couldn’t understand what he’d say because we were foreigners, however as he left the bus, he looked back at our lot and spat at us calling us “irresponsible children”.

Although I wasn’t initially bothered, that last bite at us infuriated me but I kept wondering why exactly he had to call us that, I know of the term “morning rage” and have heard of how people act when in this situation, I believe their pupular words are “don’t talk to me before coffeee”. But my question is, is it really necessary to make others around you feel like shit when you are feeling like shit?, is it really the population’s fault that you woke up feeling the way you are. When I asked my friends, they just replied with different versions of why we should just let it slide because that’s the way some people were. Although I am currently ranting about this right now, I am one of those who’d probably just ignore a morning rage patient and continue my day. I guess in this era, everyone is so stuck up on “being me” and being confident that no one bothers to check how their ignorant attitudes affects others around them. How you may ask ?, after the man’s outburst, we all really felt bad that he needed to talk to us that way and that soiled our mood for that day, nah, just for a couple of hours. 

All am just saying is that as well as being boss ass independent confident fierce queens that we are, we should be careful about how we act or what we say to others around us cos we have no idea of what anyone is going through that day, one of my friends might have been suffering from depression or anxiety and that word “irresponsible” could have tipped his day over too.

Well I said my piece.


Cucumisophobia ?

Where I come from, certain root vegetables are an acquired taste,  for example, yams, coco yams and sweet potatoes are available or easy to come by, however radishes, turnips etc are hard to find, in short, they are very expensive if found. In fact, we don’t have the conventional healthy cuisine in my country, we eat meals high in protein and carbs and we adore and worship our robust women with ample blossoms. This is a country where buying ingredients for cooking a salad is more expensive than getting pan seared steak. Hence having moved out and coming across these other vegetables, it was pretty weird for me.

I want to live healthy but there are certain things I can’t just bring myself to eat. It’s the cucumber. I have been told by many, “you are not serious, it’s delicious”

“it’s nutritious”

blah blah blah

I still can’t eat it, my trauma with it, funny enough, didnt occur overseas, it was at home, in my parent’s old family home that my body decided to brand cucumbers poison to my digestive system. In Africa, traditional weddings normally start at the bride’s family house, in this case , my aunt was getting married, so I was helping with the cooking and preparations when my tommy grumbled very loudly. My mum took it as a sign and ordered me to get something to eat before I passed out from all the tedious preparations, I went to my aunt instead, suddenly craving her famous bread and coconut snacks when she brought out this strange looking tuber like object calling it a cucumber, she sliced it up for me knowing I was one for trying out anything as long as it could get into my mouth. Taking a bite, it started good when suddenly, all I could perceive was a chemical like aroma, my brain reacted immediately and I spat it out but the taste lingered for a very long time, honestly till this day, it was the most horrible I ever tasted.

Later on, my aunt figured out that the chemicals used to preserve the vegetable somehow seeped into it and produced that bad taste, she tried to get me to eat fresh ones but that taste  will be in my memory for the rest of my life. I could easily try it again but that one time was branded into my memory so badly that I get a serious stomach ache when I eat cucumbers.

i guess you all can say I developed a phobia for it, I tried finding a term on the internet but no luck, I decided to make one for myself as a personal joke, I found out that the scientific name for cucumbers is cucumis sativus, hence I decided on cucumisophobia ? 😀 , well, yeah so I guess am terrified of cucumbers.


cats hate cucumbers apparently:D, does that mean I was a cat in my past life ?,  anyway, if you think I got the name wrong, please correct me in the comments section.

Be strong 😀